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Boo! Happy Halloween! – Rookwood Ramblings October 27, 2020

As I thought about what to talk about for this week’s Facebook Live, I was reminded about a few of our guests through the years. Our first guests, according to our reservation system, were the Hart sisters – Enid and Cindy (of blessed memory). They came for a few years in a row, always for the long weekend in October. At first it was to share memories and family photos – always in the Revels Retreat room.

Dan & Mary
Guests, Dan & Mary

The other guests which immediately came to mind, because of their frequent visits throughout the years, are Dan & Mary from Long Island, NY. They, sometimes with their daughter, Kate, have stayed with us 74 times for a total of 190 nights and they already have a visit planned for December! Their early visits centered around exposing Kate to the culture in the area, they later evolved into coming to see Kate perform at Shakespeare & Co, and now with Covid they are enjoying outdoor activities like hiking that the Berkshires has to offer.

What fun stories do you have from your visits? Great memories? Favorite room(s) and/or food? I would love to collect your experiences for a publication and to share with others. Your pictures and videos from then or now would be wonderful too! Please send them to me. Click on my photo above to hear more about what’s going on at The Rookwood and beyond. This week’s Live is full of activities for this Halloween weekend including dance performances at Chesterwood and in Stockbridge, ghost tours at the Mount, the Boo-tanical Garden, and more! There’s still lots to see and do here!

Dark clouds and bright orange and yellow treeWe can definitely think of at least one bright spot in our reality right now!
It has never been easier to sneak away for a vacation and/or work! With online learning and remote work likely to continue for the foreseeable future, why not plan for a change of scenery? Escape for a getaway when you normally couldn’t. Treat yourself in this time of stress and uncertainty! The Rookwood Inn is the perfect place to wind down and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Reserve today.   Plan ahead for Thanksgiving weekend getaways as well as winter escapes. Don’t forget Rookwood gift certificates are great for every occasion! Life is different right now. . . why not set new traditions that exceed your expectations?
Innkeeper Amy wearing mask
Innkeeper Amy wearing mask
Our world’s response to Covid-19 is changing rapidly. Because of this, it is important that if you have plans to travel to Massachusetts you review our state’s guidelines 4 days before leaving. If you are coming from any state which is not on our governor’s “lower risk states” list it is required that you have a negative Covid test done in the 72 hours before arriving in Massachusetts or quarantine once here for 14 days. Fines could be as high as $500 a day for non-compliance. Click here for the latest MA Guidelines. We hope to see you soon! Our masks are donned! Hands washed! Surfaces disinfected! We are ready for you!