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Hygge, Cosagach Whatever You Call it, it’s Cozy

Last year the craze was hygge; this year it is cosagach. Both words mean the same thing… coziness. In my opinion, who cares what you call it, as long as I am cozy, especially in the winter. When the snow is falling (or has fallen) and there is a blanket of white on the ground, I find myself wanting to curl up, grab a cup of hot something and snuggle in front of a fire. What about you? Coziness isn’t just about snuggling with a romantic partner. It can be with great friends over a glass of wine, or even cooking together. It can mean being with your pet and the feeling of being loved unconditionally. Hygge (Danish) and Cosagach (Scottish) are all about coziness, relaxation, warmth and connection. Being relaxed means leaving stress outside with our busy daily lives. There’s no room for stress when you’re comfortable. With the world in turmoil and our lives more hectic, it is no wonder we search for the things and experiences which bring us peace, tranquility and coziness. More and more people are trying out yoga and meditation. We are looking to downsize, eliminate the extra things and activities in our lives. At The Rookwood Inn, it is our goal to help all of our guests find peace, relaxation, and comfort… hygge/cosagach…during their stay. Thirteen of our guestrooms have working fireplaces, as does the living room. Our breakfasts are prepared with their dietary restrictions in mind and feature tummy filling, warming foods. One of our winter favorites is baked apples as the first course.  Grab a book to read, a game to play and begin unwinding. This year we have added a dinner option and a girlfriends getaway to our popular Romance in Lenox and Spa Indulgence package. Let us help you find your hygge. Call (413-637-9750) or click to reserve your special getaway today.