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Update on my Rescue Dog Migo

Update on Migo – 2 years since this rescue dog who rescued me arrived at The Rookwood Inn.

A little over two years ago, after my dog Reo passed away  I knew I wanted another dog to keep me company and for the inn. I was smitten with Migo’s intellect, his quirky personality and his funny little face; not to mention his spotted paws. There was never a question in my mind…Migo was for me! Migo was the first dog I saw and fell immediately in love with him. Here is his history. Migo was found as a stray walking along a highway in North Carolina and rescued by a wonderful woman. He was young and scared. He lived for about a year and a half in a no kill shelter but nobody was interested in him because he was very shy and timid. The shelter decided that he would be a good candidate for their “New Leash on Life” program at a minimum security prison. He has spent four months there learning to trust and be comfortable with his trainer, learning to socialize with other dogs, lots of people and learning basic obedience skills. Migo and his trainer worked on agility skills such as learning the balance beam and jumping hoops.This program, and the many others in minimum security prisons around the nation are life savers for the inmates and the dogs. The inmates learn a skill (dog training) and have the opportunity to gain self confidence and unconditional love that only an animal can provide. The dogs are spared a death sentence which unfortunately is a high likelihood in overcrowded, high kill shelters and learn to love and trust.
Migo arrived on January 30, 2016, along with almost 20 other dogs traveling to their new homes! He has settled into his life as both a family dog and inn dog and enjoys running and exploring in all weather, except rain.
I bring him to visit my mother at her assisted living facility and he is loving and gentle with all of the residents. He loves greeting everyone and giving kisses. He has even attended Friday night services at the facility. Migo also enjoys our guests of all ages, other dogs and even my cats! Migo has become our official Rookwood Inn ambassador and, with permission, loves,  to greet our guests. He happily welcomed almost 100 guests at our last Holiday Inn tour from his spot in front of the living room fireplace. He also loves to welcome our guest dogs (did you know your dog is welcome in our two first floor rooms,, with prior arrangements?) and has been known to share a treat and information about the best places for walks I want to thank everyone who made  it possible for Migo to come into my life and the life of The Rookwood Inn. Today marks the two year anniversary of Migo’s “Gotcha Day” when we were united. We have had many adventures and he has provided much love and laughter for not only me, but for guests and staff at The Rookwood. Migo hopes you’ll come visit and meet him soon. He is eager to make new friends!