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About the Area 

Congratulations! You’ve decided to visit The Rookwood Inn and now you might be thinking, “What are we going to do while we’re in Lenox?”


Lenox and the Berkshires offer an abundance of activities throughout the year. Whether you’re searching for culture, outdoor adventure, shopping for antiques or uniques, sports, sumptuous dining, rest or romance, you’ll find what you’re looking for in and around The Rookwood Inn. Our staff can help you plan your perfect stay, just ask. Whether it’s dinner reservations you need, or a picnic to take to Tanglewood, perhaps the perfect location for a hike or a recommendation of where to go to pick up that special gift for a special someone – The Rookwood Inn staff are here to help.


Each season presents its own special array of activities but you can be sure that you can find many special things to do at all times of the year.


Why not try a visit in a different season to experience a different Berkshire? 

Winter in the Berkshires is breathtakingly beautiful. Lacking some of the conveniences and many of the impediments of urban life, we offer hills, mountains, and vales that are covered in sparkling white snow. this means winter in Berkshire County is an excellent time for outdoor sports, cross-country or down-hill skiing, snow-shoeing, fireplaces and romance. The Berkshires boasts world-class health spas. The area is replete with yoga, dance kinetics, Zumba and Pilates classes. Try something new or, put on a pair of snowshoes and explore.


Spring brings an extraordinary array of delights both natural and human made. When the chill of winter fades and snow and ice disappear, it makes way for heartwarming green hillsides and glorious beauty. Farm stores, farmer’s markets and produce stands offer a true country bounty that everyone can enjoy. Hiking and biking rails all across the country are ready for use. And, of course, the Berkshire County arts scene is as vibrant as ever.


With nature and culture in full bloom, there is not a better place to be in the summer than Berkshire County. Swim in our lakes, relax on the shores, climb the tallest peak in the state or hike one of the great trails. Bike our paths and roads, have a massage or facial. Shop in the boutiques, small shops, outlets or mall. Browse through antique stores, go to an auction, stroll through one of the juried craft shows or art galleries. Visit one of the myriad of museums. Take a drive through our unparalleled countryside and stop at a farm stand. Enjoy the strains of classical music, enjoy a picnic.


As warm summer days drift away and are replaced by the crisp and enticing mysteries of fall, we invite you to explore to your heart’s content. In Berkshire County, fall means many things. The light of richly colored leaves beckons visitors from all over the world. Harvest festivals, fall parades, local produce and events such as the Lenox Apple Squeeze excite the imagination and palate. Restaurants abound throughout the Berkshires, and many of the chefs rely on locally grown produce and products (such as cheeses, breads, meats, breads and dairy products) to help them create delicious dishes. Bring or rent a bicycle and ride the Ashuwilticook Trail and enjoy the magnificent display of autumn’s colors. Perhaps a hot air balloon ride is more your style to view the foliage and fall colors from above. Go apple picking at one of the orchards which dot the Berkshires – don’t forget to get some freshly baked apple cider donuts. Enjoy a parade of decorated horses and carriages, known as tubs in the Gilded Age, at Lenox’s Tub Parade. Visit the Botanical Gardens or join in the annual Greylock Crawl.


As you can see, whatever the season, there’s always a reason to come to The Rookwood Inn and explore the Berkshires. We’d love to show you around!